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August 29, 2012


Cockfoster made me think about Hunter Foster's anatomy.... Also, how come there are no naked pictures of Prince Harry? Or will those come when you blog about your trip to Vegas? ;-)

One minor complaint about the blog.... You give us a tease about all the "London 2012" signs and not one picture of one! Maybe on Part II of the post???

On my London trip I tryed to stay away from Cockfosters. However, I did get of at Mudchute Station. Doh!

The food looks fabulous. I've always thought London wasn't know for the cuisine.

The floating flowers look so wonderful at the Quilon.

@Paul: I don't have any good photos of London 2012 signage. The best I can do is the green banner that's somewhat visible on the right side of the photo of Tony in front of Big Ben.

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