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January 30, 2013


Would you have understood the ending of PI if Tony hadn't explained it to you because he had read the book? The ending went over my head. Hanif and I saw it with a Q & A with the director and actors. The director said he had trouble editing the end.The boy was fine, but why not have someone sexier (like his brother) play the part that you would want to see with his shirt off?! Like one of those "Saved by the Bell" boys!

I didn't understand the ending until Tony explained it to me. He hadn't read the book, but he had read a synopsis of it, so he knew more about the plot. He figured out what all of the animal stuff represented on his own. In my (false) recollection of what had happened in the movie, the tiger killed the orangutan, so I wouldn't have been able to see the tiger as the zebra and orangutan's avenger against the hyena.
So the boy was fine but he wasn't FINE? :-)

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