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February 15, 2017


OMG Bill, I just got to know you (and like you) and you're leaving. And the East coast of FL besides. We might visit on the west coast - but...

So bring on the rest of the Huge Hound Frozen deserts until I'm destitute again.

See you Sunday


Oh my gosh! I knew moving was probably in your future but Florida wasn't! Hehe I'm happy for you wherever you want to go to, tho I will miss you so much!!!

Bring over the frozen treats so I can eat the stock! Hehe I'll bring a giant cooler to put them in hehe

We must try to have another lunch or dinner in the city with significant others present! (So maybe dinner?) And with the other copy editors too!

I wish you luck selling the place and finding some place in Florida... We have family in boynton which isn't far from ft. Lauderdale... We'll have to try to visit...

Wow big news Bill and Tony!

A number of my friends have made the decision to move to Florida. I can certainly understand it - as well as wanting to live in a walkable neighborhood. Best of luck with everything. Do you have a timeframe in mind?

To answer Veronica's question: Soon. There's not much point in holding off, especially because our realtor (whom we trust to not bullshit us too much) says we're in a sellers market. And we don't know how long that will continue to last.

Bill, I am so sorry to hear that you are moving! When do you go? I am happy for you but sad for me!!! Make sure you have and extra room for me to come visit!!!, Love ya, Sheila

Sheila: You can visit us any time, and I love you, too.

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